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Eileen PutmanEileen PutmanEileen PutmanEileen Putman

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Lord Shallow

Book Cover: Lord Shallow by Eileen Putman

Book 2 ~ Maitland’s Rogues

To all of London, Sebastian Traherne is a pretentious fop who prizes his tailor over his dukedom. In truth, he’s an obsessively rational fellow protecting a secret marriage. When a prickly Welsh miss arrives at his crumbling castle one gloomy night, she upends his world—and every principle he holds dear. Worse, she believes in a silly fairy tale known as True Love.

Gwynna Owen might be the last true Princess of Wales, but she needs this very English duke to claim her legacy and vanquish a tyrant. When Sebastian quickly sees through her boy’s disguise, she must plead her case with only a rusty dagger—and sapphire eyes that conjure what he most wishes to avoid.


A note from Eileen

Author Eileen PutmanWelcome to a world of British rakes and rogues, where propriety is highly regarded but rarely adhered to — especially in matters of the heart. Dashing spies, dissolute scoundrels and noble war heroes tangle with independent misses, feisty widows and on-the-shelf spinsters. From daring masquerades to swashbuckling action, they risk all for love.



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