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Lord Shallow

Book 2: Maitland's Rogues

About the Book

To all of London, Sebastian Traherne is a pretentious fop who prizes his tailor over his dukedom. In truth, he’s an obsessively rational fellow protecting a secret marriage. When a prickly Welsh miss arrives at his crumbling castle one gloomy night, she upends his world—and every principle he holds dear. Worse, she believes in a silly fairy tale known as True Love.

Gwynna Owen might be the last true Princess of Wales, but she needs this very English duke to claim her legacy and vanquish a tyrant. When Sebastian quickly sees through her boy’s disguise, she must plead her case with only a rusty dagger—and sapphire eyes that conjure what he most wishes to avoid.

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Author's Note

This book grew bigger and more sweeping than I planned. One early surprise may be a deal-breaker for some romance fans. So if you’re looking for a classic Regency historical that fits a formula, Lord Shallow may not be your cup of tea.

But here’s the thing: Character will out. In these pages, you’ll find a man who is so much more than he seems and a woman who’s finding her voice after years of having it suppressed. Their struggle as they make their way to one another is this story’s truth.

There’s also an older couple romance I couldn’t resist, and a villain who insists on having his own story down the road.


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The Details

Published: May 20, 2020
Publisher: Anglesey Press
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-13: 979-8640217292ASIN: B087NTVNNR
Genres & Tropes
Regency Era, Regency Romance, Historical Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Duke of Romance, Disguised as a Male, Fairy Tale, Forced Proximity, Rogue, Napoleonic Wars